Lab Experiments, Programs and Full Courses suitable for High School Biology students.

Biology Experiments & Lesson Plans for High School
There has never been a time when biology was more exciting. And there has never been a time when teaching high school biology was more challenging.

Thirty-five years ago, Dr John Anderson founded Modern Biology Inc. with the goal of making the teaching of biology easier.

And for thirty-five years, we have produced hundreds of products that make teaching biology easier following our founder’s principles:

• All of our experiments are real. We don’t do simulations.

• All of our experiments teach a clear and concise lesson that fits into the essential elements of your biology course. We provide study questions and step-by-step instructions.

• All of our experiments contain only proven, safe chemicals. We developed the technology for dying DNA samples with methylene blue to keep your students safe.

• All of our experiments go beyond traditional lab experiences to teach cutting edge concepts of modern biology.

• And all of our experiments are manufactured by our company. We build our kits, and we stand behind our products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Half a million students every year learn biology with the help of Modern Biology products. We want to encourage you to find out why thousands of teachers trust Modern Biology Inc.