Lab Experiments, Programs and Full Courses suitable for teaching Microbiology and Virology to college and high school students.

Experiments & Lessons for Teaching Microbiology & Virology
No high school AP biology course and no first-year foundations of biology course in college is complete without microbiology and virology, and no units on microbiology and virology are complete without lab work. But how do busy biology instructors who have limited budgets for lab work integrate the hands-on experiments that make microbiology and virology concepts come alive?

Modern Biology Inc. takes the hassle out of organizing meaningful laboratory work for microbiology and virology in your high school and introductory college biology classes.

Our complete lab kits for multiple groups of students working in pairs provide real, not stimulated, experiments to teach important concepts of microbiology and virology with experiments that show the principles of:

Genotype to Phenotype | Restriction Nuclease Mapping of DNA | Molecular Cloning | Southern Blot Procedure | Identifying Genomic and Plasmid DNA | Sequences in E. coli by Colony PCR | Using a Plasmid to Engineer E. coil That Glow in the Dark

All of our kits come with study questions and instructor manuals. All of our experiments use only non-toxic reagents, and all of our experiments teach fundamental concepts of modern biology.

We want to encourage you to give our products a try and let us show you why thousands of teachers and half a million students trust Modern Biology.