Lesson Plans & Experiments for Molecular Biology & Genetics
Colleges everywhere are stretching their resources to accommodate their students of molecular biology and genetics. They are offering lectures both in person and synchronously and asynchronously online. They are taking extra care to ensure their students master the concepts of molecular biology and genetics that they will encounter throughout further study. And they are finding ways to provide hands-on laboratory experiences that are experiments, not just demonstrations.

Modern Biology Inc. packages lesson plans and experiments that provide instructors with lesson plans and students with study questions, take the hassle out of finding lab supplies, and help colleges deliver instruction on a budget. Our Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology provides all the reagents and instructions needed for teaching sixteen students sixteen three-hour labs that take them from Western blot procedure, localization of enzymes, and identifying proteins with electrophoresis to cell fractionation, DNA isolation, DNA electrophoresis, restriction nuclease mapping, and basic cloning procedures in a single semester.

To use our program, you will need our Accessory Kit, appropriate electrophoresis equipment, microcentrifuges or tabletop centrifuges, a water bath, and microscopes. If your institution has this basic equipment on hand, the cost of supplying your molecular biology teaching lab is about $52 per semester per student.

Over 500,000 students learn biology with the help of Modern Biology Inc. products every year. We want to show you why thousands of teachers trust Modern Biology Inc.

Lab Experiments, Programs and Full Courses suitable for teaching Molecular Biology and Genetics to college and high school students.