Lab Experiments, Programs and Full Courses suitable for teaching Histology and Developmental Biology to college and high school students.

High school and college biology teachers for histology and developmental biology courses tend to be drawn from every specialty in the life sciences — except, oddly enough, histology and developmental biology. The diversity of backgrounds of histology and developmental biology teachers is actually a boon for students. Histology and developmental biology teachers are free from the bonds of “orthodox” methods of teaching histology.

Mainstream Approach to Teaching

Perhaps as you would remember from your own experience, histology and developmental biology tend to emphasize the retention and presentation of facts. They emphasize memorization. They take a 2-D view of the subject, emphasizing slides. There’s so much emphasis on the 2-D that students never get to learn the relationship of microscopic sections to three-dimensional structure.

Modern Biology liberates histology and developmental biology teachers not just to relate slides to 3-D form, but also to function. Even more important to future biologists, Modern Biology introduces hypothesis-making, note-taking, and experiments to the study of these foundation topics.

With Modern Biology, your students can prepare the slides they study. In our Introduction to Developmental Biology, your students will prepare sagittal sections of a chick embryo at 72 hours of development. Using their knowledge of the development of the chick, they can test their hypotheses about changes in the embryo that occur — or don’t — ahead of an expected burst of metabolic activity 96 to 120 hours into development.
Your students can also develop basic laboratory skills in identifying muscle, epithelium, and connective tissue in their Introduction to Vertebrate Histology. They will also learn to recognize slides of skin, testis, ovary, intestine, and spinal cord.
Modern Biology also has kits for teaching students the basics of immunochemistry and Western Press-Blot.

With Modern Biology, you won’t be teaching your students just facts. You will be teaching them scientific method. All of our kits support lab activities that involve hypothesis formation and testing through organized, planned observation. Your students will learn to think like scientists, to write like scientists, and to deal with unexpected results. They will gain the confidence they need to pursue more advanced topics.

Modern Biology provides the supplies you need at a price your department can afford. Our kits have helped over 80,000 teachers reach over 500,000 students. Call on us for the supplies you need to be free to do what you do best, teaching future scientists.