Gel Electrophoresis Pack lab experiments for college and high school students.

Electrophoresis is an excellent tool for teaching high school and college biology students a bundle of biological concepts and hands-on laboratory skills.

One of the fundamental lab skills your students learn when they do electrophoresis experiments is micro-pipetting. They learn how a micropipette works. They learn how to read and adjust volume. They learn how to use the micropipette to decant test and control agents in tight spaces.

Modern Biology offers a complete kit for your students to explore electrophoresis. Through this inquiry lab, they see the concepts of buffers, pH, and conductivity in action. They see gel electrophoresis in action, and begin to understand the basic principles of this primary laboratory tool.

With our electrophoresis packs, you will have the supplies you need to design your own dye electrophoresis lab — or you can use ours. Your students will gain the laboratory skills they need to separate complex molecular mixtures by size, shape, and charge. Advanced classes can explore electrophoresis as a forensic tool both for crime solving and for solving questions of wildlife management, for instance, identifying animals poached from wildlife preserves.

Modern Biology offers professional-grade laboratory tools vetted for student safety. Every lab pack and experiment we offer teachers is non-toxic and meets all state safety standards.

Every lab pack and experiment we offer is complete, so you won’t have to spend hours searching through catalogs, getting department approval for purchases, sending out purchase orders, and tracking inventory. Every experiment we offer provides everything you need to teach the class, along with a guide for leading discussion and preparing test questions for the classroom section of your course.

Modern Biology enables you to focus on students, not on inventory. And with over 40 years in the business, we have taken a great deal of feedback from teachers in designing the kits that make teaching laboratory biology much, much easier.

Find out why 80,000 teachers use Modern Biology to teach labs for over 500,000 students. Call on us for the supplies you need to be free to do what you do best, teaching future scientists.