Cell Biology Lessons Plans & Experiments for High School
Here at Modern Biology Inc., we can provide you with the more basic and advanced lab equipment. Our precision balances and scales, incubators, rotators, analog and digital hotplates, microcentrifuges and mini-centrifuges, magnetic stirrers, micropipettes, and automatic pipettes provide the basics for your cell biology lessons and experiments.

The experiments that we offer are more than simple demonstrations, and will instead include all of the supplies, reagents, instructor guides, and even study questions to reinforce the knowledge and concepts covered in the experiment. We are able to provide not only the experiments for high school study of cell biology, but also lesson plans, and even full courses covering the subject.

Modern Biology Inc. helps you nurture the young scientists in your classroom with affordable equipment backed by 45 years of experience.  Find out why thousands of teachers trust Modern Biology Inc today.

Lab Experiments, Programs and Full Courses suitable for teaching Cell Biology to college and high school students.