Lab Experiments, Programs and Full Courses suitable for teaching Botany and Plant Physiology to college and high school students.

High school & college botany is a wonderful opportunity to introduce students to the biology of plants with hands-on experiences of plants in their natural ecosystems. It’s also a great activity for teachers seeking to reconnect with nature as they bring examples of plant life to the class for lectures and discussion.

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However, the field experience requires a lot of time. Fortunately for high school & college botany teachers, Modern Biology packages the lesson plans and experiments that will fill in the gaps to learning botanical principles with work in the class and the teaching lab.

Modern Biology’s Effects of Temperature on Cell Respiration module provides all the materials needed plus background information with step-by-step instructor and student guides for 8 groups of students to explore cell respiration with experimental design and objective measurements.

Our experiment for Enzyme Kinetics will empower your students to measure the amount of enzyme present in a sample of wheat germ, with a follow up exercise in which students quantify the relationship between mass of substrate and reaction velocity. We also have complete laboratory kits for tissue printing, characterization of plant peroxidases, Plant Pigment/Peroxidase Analysis, and more!

Modern Biology empowers you to integrate scientific method into what can easily become a descriptive course. We take care of your ordering and inventory tasks for over 20 hours of laboratory instruction, while pricing our products to fit public school budgets.

Contact us today to request a protocol for our botany experiments and see why thousands of teachers continue to trust Modern Biology for their teaching laboratory a needs.