With DNA analysis supplies from Modern Biology, your class can start with the basics. They can see that DNA isn’t just a collection of facts about Adenosine, Guanine, Cysteine, and Thymine. They can take glass rods (provided) and pull-out strands of real, purified DNA.

Our DNA analysis kits provide you with everything you need so you can focus on teaching, not inventory and budgeting. But we also provide flexible support for inquiry-based learning by providing the DNA analysis supplies you need for experiments you design yourself, including purified calf thymus DNA, DNA standards (shipped to you on ice), E. coli pUC-18, non-toxic methylene blue stain, nutrient solutions, plasmid DNA, and much more!

All supplies from Modern Biology are student-safe and non-toxic. Modern Biology provides the same reagents that are used in medical and research laboratories. And with nearly 50 years of experience supporting over 80,000 biology teachers, Modern Biology has the expertise you need to use our professional-grade products.

Over half a million students have learned in labs with our products throughout the years. Let us show you why thousands of teachers trust Modern Biology.

**The items indicated by the “❄” are shipped next-day air on ice. Please include all such reagents on the same order to avoid excess shipping costs.