In early 1986, in a small town near Purdue University, Dr. John Anderson set out to fill a need he saw in the “modern teaching laboratory.” Science was advancing at record-breaking paces and amazing discoveries were being made almost every week. With the very defined goal in mind of providing safe, innovative and economical experiments , Modern Biology, Inc. was formed. If Modern Biology, Inc. was to succeed, it would be because of a few key factors:

  • Each experiment will be 100% authentic and science will always be first. Absolutely No Simulated experiments .
  • Provide experiments that will demonstrate a clear and concise lesson to the student while captivating and encouraging them to become involved.
  • Each experiment will contain only 100% safe chemicals. Dr. Anderson modified existing research techniques for the teaching laboratory by eliminating the use of toxic and carcinogenic substances and these modifications have set the standard for colleges throughout the world. A few examples of these innovations that were introduced by Modern Biology, Inc. in 1986 included the use of methylene blue for staining DNA in gels and the separation of denatured proteins by size on SDS agarose gels. More recent examples of safety-first techniques introduced by Modern Biology, Inc. were DNA hybridization studies, Southern and Western Blotting (1988), affinity and gel filtration chromatography (1989,) localizing specific proteins in cells by enzyme and immunocytochemistry (1994 and 2009) and student-designed experiments, equipment, and courses (2004 and 2012).
  • Each experiment will provide the student and instructor with a very knowledgeable and detailed background information section, concise step-by-step instructions and study questions.
  • Modern Biology, Inc. will be the sole manufacture and distributor of our products. Because of this we are able to have one low set price and pass the savings onto the customer. We offer a number of experiments that cost 1/2 or even 1/5 of the cost of a large chemical manufactures “minimum order.”
  • Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you purchase an experiment from Modern Biology, Inc. – you are purchasing our guarantee that it will be a success for your class. If you do encounter a problem, we will be here for you with friendly, knowledgeable and expert advice.
  • Maintain an efficient, knowledgeable and courteous staff.
  • As we approach our 36th year of business, and science is still advancing at a record breaking pace, we have clearly grown to be a leader in our field. With over 8200 schools in our current customer list, each year an estimated half a million students learn about science in part by the experiences they have gained from using our products! I want to personally encourage you to learn for yourself why teachers of laboratory courses are turning to Modern Biology, Inc. with confidence for high-quality educational products; contact us today!

Mathew D. Bagnoli

Modern Biology, Inc.