Lesson Plans and Experiments for Teaching Biochemistry
It can be challenging to find help for teaching introductory biochemistry in lesson plans that reinforce the concepts students learn in the lab. Not having to track down reagents and test materials and being sure all the chemicals are non-toxic and student-safe make a difference, too. This is where Modern Biology Inc. can help.

Modern Biology Inc. offers 25 experiment packages for biochemistry that contain all the supplies for 16 students working in pairs to perform 25 hands-on experiments. Our experiments aren’t demonstrations. Every experiment from Modern Biology Inc. develops critical thinking skills and scientific method. Every experiment from Modern Biology Inc. offers comes with an instructor guide and study questions to reinforce student learning. Modern Biology Inc. makes the laboratory experience for your biochemistry students fit in your school’s budget. Most schools can use our experiments on a budget of $50 per student per semester.

Our offering don’ t stop there. We offer entire courses for the labs for molecular biology and biochemistry that cover all applicable education standards for molecular biology and biology from an innovative approach.
Over 500,000 students learn biology with the help of Modern Biology Inc. products every year. We want to show you why thousands of teachers trust Modern Biology Inc.

Lab Experiments, Programs and Full Courses suitable for teaching Biochemistry to college and high school students.