ELISA (Chemicals and Instructions)


The ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay) is a powerful immunological method for detecting specific proteins in complex protein mixtures. The ELISA has become an important tool for the cell and molecular biologist. It is increasingly being applied in clinical medicine for detecting proteins associated with disease including antibodies produced in response to infection by the HIV virus. The method is also easy to perform and yields graphic results making it well suited for the teaching laboratory. In this exercise, students carry out the ELISA to study the specificity of antibody-antigen interactions. The basic procedures and typical results of the exercise are shown on the right. The 2-3 hour exercise was designed for sixteen students working in pairs and includes: microtitration plates, transfer pipets, chicken serum, cow serum, horse serum, rabbit serum, gelatin, tris buffer saline, tris buffer saline + NP-40, goat anti-rabbit IgG-peroxidase, TMB-peroxidase substrate, and hydrogen peroxide. Microliter dispensers are needed but not provided, and a colorimeter is desirable but not absolutely necessary.

ELISA Immunoassay Kits

ELISA, known as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, is a test that is conducted in laboratories to detect HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This type of test is extremely reliable, so healthcare workers, laboratory technicians, and physicians throughout the world use it on a regular basis. It is also an important testing process that is required to be taught to lab students or those who are seeking science degrees, especially in the molecular biology field. 

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What is the ELISA Test Used for? 

The ELISA test is used in the testing process of a patient’s bloodstream to determine if that patient has HIV or not. HIV is the primary cause of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), which is a very deadly disease, so this test is extremely important. If the ELISA test turns out to be negative, no other testing is usually recommended, but if the laboratory technician receives a positive result for HIV, a Western or Southern blot test may then be used to ensure that the result is accurate and that the person does, in fact, have HIV in their bloodstream. 

The ELISA test is designed to detect certain antibodies in a person’s bloodstream. The health care worker simply draws blood from the patient from the inside of their elbow or even the back of their hand to utilize in the ELISA testing process. The ELISA is created as a plate-based assay technique that is designed to detect certain antibodies associated with HIV as well as proteins, peptides, and hormones in the blood of a patient. Once the blood is drawn from a patient, the antigen is isolated on a microplate before it is then mixed with an antibody that is connected to a reporter type of enzyme. The reporter enzyme then shows certain activity while it is incubating with a certain substrate to produce a measurable product that then allows for the detection, I have certain antibodies and other characteristics. The most important portion of the ELISA testing process is that a certain specific antibody reacts with a certain antigen which then produces the results of the test.

What is Included in the ELISA Test by Modern Biology Inc.?

When it comes to an ELISA test, there are several key parts that are included, such as the coating solution that is used to absorb the protein on the surface of the metal plate for testing. The ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) method is used for detecting certain proteins that are part of complex mixtures of proteins.

The ELISA test kit by Modern Biology Inc. includes transfer pipets, microtitration plates, rabbit serum, tris buffer saline, gelatin, tris buffer saline plus NP-40, cow and horse serum, goat anti-rabbit IgG-peroxidase, TMB-peroxidase substrate, as well as hydrogen peroxide. A colorimeter is great to have on hand but not completely necessary for the test, but TMB-peroxidase Microliter dispensers are not provided but may very well be needed.

What Your Students Can Learn with Our Kits

Students will learn how to conduct the entire ELISA testing process and the reasons it is so important. Since one of the main diseases it is used to detect, HIV which can lead to AIDS, is potentially deadly and early treatment for patients is imperative. This is the reason the ELISA test is so important in labs across the world and students need to learn how to properly conduct one and how to get accurate results.

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