Lab Experiments, Programs and Full Courses suitable for students in General College-level Biology classes.

Experiments & Lesson Plans for General College Level Biology
College-level biology instructors face multiple constraints. Many institutions teach introductory science courses at satellite locations, and lab budgets for general biology are usually limited These classrooms can also lack easy access to central storerooms for lab supplies.

College-level biology doesn’t typically come with an instruction manual. Instructors perceive the essential elements of each topic and then create their own quizzes and study notes for their classes.

Students in college classes come with varying levels of preparation, often with limited hands-on experience of experimental biology.
Modern Biology provides the tools college-level biology instructors need to meet these common constraints on teaching.

We offer both complete courses in General Biology and Introductory Cell and Molecular Biology, as well as everything you students need to run real experiments, not just simulations, of:

Cell Fractionation and DNA Isolation | Characterization of Plant Peroxidases
| Enzyme Extraction and Analysis | Electrophoretic Separation of Proteins
| Calculating the Length of DNA | Analysis of a Cell Surface Receptor | Tissue Printing | Introducing a Gene with a Viral Vector

Each of our experiment packages comes with an instructor guide, student study questions, and complete instructions. We include only safe chemicals, and we provide everything for multiple groups of students working in pairs for each experiment, including nonperishables like tubes, bottles, and solution concentrates. We offer equipment for your lab that can work with both proteins and DNA, and partnering with great companies like UPS for flat-rate shipping helps to make delivering your materials both predictable and affordable.

Modern Biology brings twenty-first century biology to life. Find out why thousands of teachers and over 500,000 students trust Modern Biology.