Restriction Nuclease Mapping of DNA


Bacteriophage lambda is a DNA virus that attacks E. coli. Here, students dissect lambda DNA using the restriction endonucleases EcoR1 and BamH1 in order to identify specific sites, sequences, and structures along the phage genome. This single exercise enables students to explore a number of exciting topics in molecular biology, including the specificity of restriction endonucleases, DNA mapping strategies, complementary base-pairing of DNA, and the structure of a viral genome.

Electrophoresis Buffers, Agarose and Stains for this series are available in Electrophoresis Package 3/4.


Our Programs now use a simple two-step procedure for staining DNA in agarose gels. First, a nontoxic purple dye is incorporated into the agarose gel prior to electrophoresis. Faint purple DNA bands can be clearly seen after 30 minutes of electrophoresis. This rapid procedure enables the student to obtain preliminary results of the experiment in a short period of time. After the electrophoretic run, gels are incubated with methylene blue to complete the staining procedure.