AP Biology Lesson Plans & Experiments for High School

Lab Experiments, Programs and Full Courses suitable for students in Advanced High School and AP Biology classes.

AP Biology and high school Biology II students are motivated to learn biology. Many of them are considering careers in the life sciences, and they want to be ready for advanced study of biology in college. But how can teachers with heavy workloads and limited lab budgets give their AP and Biology II students the hands-on experiments that give them the confidence they need to succeed as they progress in their academic careers?

The answer is Modern Biology Inc. We package real experiments — not just simulations — that teach fundamental principles of twenty-first-century biology.

In every kit, we provide everything you need to teach 16 students working in pairs basic biology by:

Characterization of Peroxidases in Plants | Localizing Tubulin by Immunochemistry | Effects of Temperature on Plant Cell Respiration | Tissue Printing | Cell Fractionation and DNA Isolation.

And we offer the lab supplies you need for complete courses in Cell Biology and Innovative Biology.

Thousands of teachers and over 500,000 students use laboratory biology products and complete courses by Modern Biology. We take pride in making sure that all of our products teach a basic principle of biology and come with a teacher’s guide and study questions for students, and we make sure that everything in our products is safe for classroom use.

We want to encourage you to give our products a try and find out for yourself why thousands of teachers trust Modern Biology Inc.