5-6ml of Variable pH Substrate with 1ml Nitrophenol Standard


IND-14PS7 is an expansion on the popular IND-14 Enzyme Kinetics experiment codeveloped with teachers, which allows the pH of the phosphatase substrate to be varied between a pH of 7.0 down to a pH of 4.0, giving variance to student results and making collaboration between groups possible and not problematic. At the end of the experiment students compile the collected results from multiple groups and plot velocity curves at various pH levels to create more encompassing Michaelis-Menten and Lineweaver-Burke Plots (pictured above).

The expansion comes with 5-6ml of phosphatase substrate which when diluted sits at a pH of 7.0. When the final 300ml is divided into 50ml aliquots, Glacial Acetic Acid can then be added to lower the pH in half-step increments to give charts like those in the pictures list above. An extra 1.0ml tube of Nitrophenol Standard is also provided in this expansion.

**Note: To use this expansion as intended, the IND-14: Enzyme Kinetics kit is also needed. This expansion provides enough substrate and Nitrophenol Standard to suit use by up to 7 groups of students at different pH values.**

For more information about this new expansion, please use the Request Lab Instructions link here or at the top of the page, and fill in IND-14PS7 in the “Experiment SKU” field.

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