An Introduction to Vertebrate Histology


Students prepare and then study sections of trachea and esophagus in order to identify and characterize the major tissue types ( epithelia, connective tissue and muscle). They then study selected organs including ovary, testis, intestine, spinal cord and skin.


**We are currently missing the Skin Slides for the IND-19, we are substituting the Trachea/Esophagus slides.  Thank you for your patience as we work through this shortage!**


Esophagus /Trachea Slides (8)
Ovary Slides (2)
Testis Slides (2)
Duodenum Slides (2)
Spinal Cord (2)
Skin (2)
Eosin Y
Isopropanol (2)
Clearing Agent (2)
Mounting Medium
Slide Staining Dishes (9)
Transfer Pipets (20)
Glass Rods (8)