The Chemical Package for 16 students working in pairs plus one Student manual and one Instructor manual.


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The program contains selected protein experiments from Standard Program 1 and stresses the relevance of molecular biology to the study of human genetics and disease. The experiments provide an introduction to electrophoresis and to protein composition, structure, and function in health and disease.

Experiments in this Overview:

EXP-101 Electrophoretic Separation of Proteins:

Students are introduced to the theory of separating proteins according to charge differences using electrophoresis. They then study four proteins and relate differences in their charges to their migration rates in an electric field. Each protein is a different color so that its progress during the separation can easily be followed.

EXP-102 Genetics and Sickle Cell Anemia:

In this exercise, students compare the electrophoretic patterns of hemoglobin from a normal individual to hemoglobin S and hemoglobin from a person with sickle cell trait. Students are also given the opportunity to study their own hemoglobin in order to test for hemoglobin variants.

EXP-106 Protein Fingerprinting:

Students will use electrophoresis to compare the forms of the enzyme Lactate Dehydrogenase that are found in serum of different mammals. The results illustrate that each species has a characteristic pattern of bands and that the pattern in sheep and goat is similar while the patterns from cow and especially horse are quite distinct.

This program also includes:

  • 50g pH8.6 Electrophoresis Buffer, enough to make 3.5L
  • 50g pH9.2 Electrophoresis Buffer, enough to make 3.5L
  • 10g of Agarose for gels
  • Coomassie Blue Gel Stain for viewing proteins after electrophoresis
  • USB Flash Drive containing student and instructor protocols for all included experiments


The exercises in the Program are: