Individual/Homeschool Kit for B1-1: Properties of DNA


Tried and True Experiments now for Individuals and Homeschools!
We’ve taken one of our most popular kits and paired it down to keep it both affordable and accessible in the new B1-1i! Perfect for Homeschool environments or individuals who want to dig in and play with DNA, this kit has been redesigned to serve middle school through high school-level students. No special equipment is needed to complete this set of 3 experiments, only the common kitchen items listed below as well as Isopropyl Alcohol. Every “kit” of the B1-1i is set up to serve an individual student or 2 students working as a pair. (It definitely helps to have 2 sets of hands, whether from the instructor or from a partner).

Objective: To study the effects of DNAse I and denaturation on the structure of DNA.
The DNA molecule from a single human chromosome is about 4 cm long and the length of DNA in an individual is about 200 times the distance from the earth to the sun. Isolated DNA in a test tube is also a long, stiff molecule. When alcohol is added to a DNA solution, the DNA fibers precipitate and can be spooled onto a glass rod. This feature of DNA is illustrated in the exercise, which provides enough purified DNA for 1 group of students to perform the experiment. The spooling phenomenon is also used by the student to study the double-stranded nature of DNA and to investigate the effect of breaking DNA into small pieces with the enzyme DNAse.

Materials Provided (per kit purchasaed)
10 ml Calf Thymus DNA
150 ul DNAse I
1 glass vial
1 glass rod for DNA spooling
1 small transfer pipet – This pipet should be used for the DNAse solution.
1 large transfer pipet

Materials Not Provided
10-20ml Isopropyl Alcohol (70%)
1 Small pot of hot water
1 Glass or container for boiling DNA (a shot glass with a thick glass bottom or small beaker work wonderfully if available)
1 Glass of ice water