The Complete Package for 16 students working in pairs plus one student manual and one instructor manual (The student manual may be reproduced for educational purposes.)


Electrophoresis is a powerful tool for separating proteins in complex mixtures. However, it is often necessary to identify specific enzymes and structural proteins after electrophoresis so they can be studied in further detail.

In this series of experiments, students use electrophoresis in conjunction with novel immunological and enzymatic procedures to study tissue-specific proteins in animals and plants. As in all of our programs, enough materials for 8 groups of students are included. Sufficient materials are provided so that experiments 803 and 804 can be preformed twice: once with the tissues provided with the program and once with tissues of your choice. The PROCELL Electrophoresis Unit, a tabletop centrifuge, and a 37°C waterbath are required.


Each of the individual experiments is supplied with the chemicals and laboratory guides needed for 16 students working in pairs. If you chose one or more of the individual experiments below, you should also order Electrophoresis Package 1/8. Electrophoresis Package 1/8 provides sufficient agarose, gel stain and electrophoresis buffers for up to 6 of the individual experiments in this series and in Standard Laboratory Program 1.