The Complete Package for 16 students working in pairs plus one student manual and one instructor manual (The student manual may be reproduced for educational purposes).


The exercises in this program are designed to illustrate key principles of molecular genetics including genome organization, gene function, and DNA fingerprinting. Each exercise emphasizes an investigative approach where students draw conclusions from experimental results. Each exercise also illustrates fundamental biological concepts. The four exercises can be done independently or in sequence and are recommended for beginning and intermediate-level students.



  • Plasmid DNA-EcoR1 Cut
  • Phage Lambda DNA-Hind III Cut
  • Calf Thymus DNA-EcoR1 Cut
  • Calf Kidney DNA-EcoR1 Cut


  • Lambda DNA
  • Plasmid-Lambda
  • EcoR1
  • BamH1
  • Restriction Nuclease Buffer
  • Sample Buffer


  • Unknown DNA 1
  • Unknown DNA 2
  • EcoR1 Endonuclease
  • BamH1 Endonuclease
  • Restriction Endonuclease Buffer (2)
  • Sample Buffer
  • S1-Nuclease
  • S1-Nuclease Buffer
  • DNA Markers


  • Plasmid A
  • Plasmid B
  • Plasmid C
  • EcoR1 Endonuclease
  • Endonuclease Buffer
  • Sample Buffer
  • E.coli
  • Ampicillin
  • DNA Marker
  • CaCl2
  • Nutrient Broth
  • Nutrient Agar + Ampicillin
  • X-gal
  • X-gal Solvent
  • Inoculating Loops
  • Sterile Transfer Pipets
  • Sterile Tubes
  • Petri Dishes


Each of the individual experiments is supplied with the chemicals and laboratory guides needed for 16 students working in pairs. If you chose one or more of the experiments below, you should also order Electrophoresis Package 3/4. Electrophoresis Package 3/4 provides sufficient agarose, gel stains and electrophoresis buffers for up to 6 of the individual experiments in this series. The package also includes the dye for rapid DNA staining during electrophoresis.


Electrophoresis Package 3/4 is also suitable for the experiments in Standard Laboratory Programs 4 and 10 as well as a majority of our IND series.