The Complete Package for 16 students working in pairs plus one student manual and one instructor manual (The student manual may be reproduced for educational purposes.)


The revolution brought about by molecular biology depended heavily on nucleic acid hybridization procedures. These techniques are used extensively in the research laboratory for detecting specific nucleotide sequences in DNA and RNA and are increasingly being applied in medicine for diagnosing disease. Modern Biology Inc. is proud to introduce these methods into your teaching laboratory. In this laboratory program, students use hybridization procedures to investigate key topics in contemporary biology including the evolution of the vertebrate genome, the complexity of the viral chromosome, and the analysis of a specific nucleotide sequence in mammalian DNA. The package comes complete with all of the biochemicals that you will need although a water bath incubator that will maintain a temperature of 60-65°C is required for these experiments. The procedures used in these exercises are safe for your students because the four hybridization probes provided with the chemical package were prepared using a nonradioactive labeling system.



Each of the individual experiments is supplied with the chemicals and laboratory guides needed for 16 students working in pairs. While the EP-3/4 package is included in this complete program, electrophoresis accessories are not included in the single experiments. If you chose one or more of the experiments below you should also order Electrophoresis Package 3/4. Electrophoresis Package 3/4 provides sufficient agarose, gel stain and electrophoresis buffers for up to 6 of the individual experiments in this series. Note that Electrophoresis Package 3/4 is also suitable for the experiments in Standard Programs 3 and 10.