With Modern Biology’s Protein Analysis Kits & Supplies you can create hands-on experiences that show your students that DNA, RNA, and proteins aren’t just concepts taught in biology books.

Our complete lab kits don’t just demonstrate important biological principles. They give your students the opportunity to use scientific method in designing an experiment that answers a question. They require organizational skills. They require the ability to record data. While introducing your students to the labware and laboratory techniques they will use in later biology classes and into their life science careers.

With Modern Biology’s protein analysis experiment kits and protein analysis supplies, your students will use: ELISA and Western Blot to detect specific proteins in complex protein mixtures. They will learn the evolutionary relationships for identifying different organisms through protein mapping. They will test for and detect sex-specific proteins. They will learn to perform Peptide Mapping Analysis to examine proteins further and learn the purification of proteins by Affinity Chromatography.

Modern Biology provides a teacher’s guide and learner’s guides you can duplicate with each experiment package. Everything you need to conduct the lab is in the kit. There’s no ordering reagents or hunting for test materials. You can budget your time and money with our all-inclusive kits.

And when you need extra supplies, we’re here to help you. Find out why over 80,000 teachers have used Modern Biology’s lab products in over 500,000 laboratory experiments to bring their students a more engaging learning experience. Contact us online or call us at (765) 446-4220 with your questions!


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