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SDS-protein electrophoresis grade. A unique blend that permits the formation of high concentration (6-7%) gels to resolve smaller fragment sizes. Agarose only does NOT contain SDS.

In modern biology, experiments often require knowledge of the size of biomolecules, for instance, molecular weight, relative length of a chain of DNA or RNA, and so on. One of the basic teaching methods for size fractionation of biomolecules is electrophoresis, the basis of a number of the Modern Biology experiment kits.

Agarose is the most convenient g structure for electrophoresis to fractionate proteins and nucleic acid chains. Polyacrylamide gel can also be used but is harder to handle.

Fractionation of sample and standard depends on pore size. High-concentration gels by Modern Biology provide sufficient pore size for measurement of large molecules like nucleic acid, without the air pockets that can interfere with the progress of the molecule across the charged gel.

Modern Biology’s agarose is inexpensive enough that it does not have to be reused. Recycling agarose is not recommended because reheating agarose at a low pH degrades the gel and decreases migration time across the plate. Freezing and rethawing used agarose gel avoids this problem, but second use is only possible with the same buffer solution. Modern Biology recommends single-use of agarose gel for repeatable results in electrophoresis experiments.

When resolution or crispness of DNA bands is an issue, Modern Biology recommends:

  • Using a gel comb with wider or thinner teeth.
  • Running current for a longer time at a lower voltage.
  • Loading smaller samples into each well. Best results are obtained with 100 to 150 ng of DNA.