College instructors face few difficulties in finding lecture plans for teaching and doing biochemistry experiments, lesson plan sites offer an assortment of inexpensive and even free lesson plans for introducing biochemical concepts on which instructors can expand.

What is difficult for college biochemistry instructors to write are lesson plans for experiments that reinforce basic concepts in biochemistry while requiring students to articulate a hypothesis, test it in the lab, and articulate their results. Materials for teaching scientific facts are abundant, but materials for teaching scientific methods are hard to find.’

Modern Biology offers not just lesson plans but also complete lab materials for 25 experiment packages for biochemistry. Experiments from Modern Biology go beyond laboratory demonstrations.

Every experiment from Modern Biology trains students in the scientific method, not just scientific fact. And every experiment from Modern Biology includes test materials, standards, reagents, and incidental equipment for the exercise, no ordering or requisitioning is required.

Experiments for college biochemistry

Molecular Approach to study of Genetics and Evolution

Modern Biology’s O1: A Molecular Approach to the study of Genetics and Evolution helps students develop basic skills for the characterization of proteins and DNA. This module provides lesson plans and complete supplies for three experiments for 16 students for just $169.95.

Experiments in this series include;

EXP-101 Electrophoretic Separation of Proteins: This experiment introduces students to the basic technique of separating proteins by electrophoresis. They study the variation of migration rates of four proteins across and charged agarose gel. Each protein is dyed with a different color for easy identification.

EXP-102 Genetics and Sickle Cell Anemia: Students compare electrophoretic patterns in DNA from a person with normal hemoglobin with DNA from a person who has sickle cell traits. They are given an opportunity to test their own DNA for hemoglobin variants, This experiment can also serve as a springboard for discussion of social policy implications of molecular genetics.

EXP-106 Protein Fingerprinting: Students use electrophoresis to study the forms of lactate dehydrogenase found in different animals. They will note that the patterns in sheep and goat are similar to each other but very different from patterns in cow and horse.

Introduction to Molecular Genetics

Modern Biology’s Introduction to Molecular Genetics provides lesson plans and complete supplies for three experiments for 16 students for just $199.95.

Experiments in this series include;

EXP-301 Length of the DNA Molecule: Students determine the length of a sample of DNA by electrophoresis over an agarose gel, This experiment reinforces student understanding and practical skills for standardized ladder technique.

EXP-302 Restriction Nuclease Mapping of DNA: Bacteriophage lambda attacks E. coli DNA. In this experiment, students use restriction endonucleases EcoR1 and BamH1 to dissect bacteriophage lambda DNA to identify structures, sequences, and specific sites along the phage genome. Students gain a deeper understanding of DNA mapping strategies, complementary base-pairing of DNA, specificity of restriction endonucleases, and the structure of a viral genome.

EXP-304A Molecular Cloning: Students create a strain of E. coli that is resistant to ampicillin by introducing an ampicillin-resistance gene with a plasmid. They monitor the success of their procedure by growing E. coli in a medium including ampicillin.

How the Modern Biology experiments work

Experiments in these series are available separately. Modern Biology offers 19 other experiments on topics ranging from DNA hybridization to tissue-specific proteins.

Every experiment manufactured by Modern Biology matches a clear and concise lesson, with notes to help teachers prepare for it. Teachers can also develop test questions from the lesson guide.

All experiment kit made by Modern Biology supports scientific thinking. Students test their hypotheses. They never just watch demonstrations. They are never limited to facts and vocabulary.

Modern Biology helps students develop the manual dexterity and note-taking skills that they will carry to future study and their careers. Modern Biology is developed by working scientists for future working scientists.

Modern Biology kit includes all the reagents and test materials teachers need for their laboratory exercise. There are no ordering separate reagents, fussing about missing shipments, or checking out lab materials from the supply room.

Modern Biology supplies the safe, non-toxic, reliable reagents and measurement materials you need for every laboratory exercise. And because every Modern Biology experiment is available at a fixed cost, it’s easier to budget your supply cost for each class for each term.

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