EL-600 Electrophoresis unit that holds 6 gel’s


The new horizontal electrophoresis apparatus by Walter Products was designed with safety and convenience in mind. The injection-molded UV transparent chamber is made from thick acrylic, making it durable and leak-proof while the lid fits securely in place and can easily be removed. All of Walter’s electrophoresis units feature adjustable leveling feet, recessed electrical wires, and a safety stop that prevents the gel from running when the cover is not securely fitted. Each casting tray with embossed gel ruler has rubber end caps and multiple slots for easy and versatile comb placement.
This unit requires 1000mL of buffer and a power supply. It allows six 7x7cm gel trays to run simultaneously on one apparatus.

Unit Includes:

  • (1) Injection molded UV transparent base
  • (1) Transparent cover
  • (6) 7x7cm Casting tray with embossed gel ruler & rubber end caps
  • (6) Six tooth comb