PPE Shield complete with Visor, Elastic Band, 2x Shield Sheets, and Free Chin Bar!

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Is it recommended or required by the CDC that your employees or staff wear a Personal Protective (PPE) Face Shield?


The Modern Bio PPE Face Shield is the lightweight, fully-adjustable frontal face shield 3D-Printed right here in the USA!

Printed of chemically resistant PETG and shielded with Transparency Film, the shield is easily removed and disposed of at the end of the day, or cleaned with high strength cleaners for reuse. The shield itself is held on by pegs punched with a standard US 3-hole punch, and packs of replacements can be ordered easily from any office supply store.

Created with Dentistry and Lab work in-mind, a full 3.1 inches of space exist between the shield and user’s forehead, meaning plenty of room for a full set of goggles or Loupes with a headlamp (pictured above)! Easily adaptable to other industries where lightweight PPE is required.

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