There has never been a better time to be teaching biology. Biology drives public discussion each and every day. Students recognize the career opportunities they can build on their knowledge of biology.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Reagents

At the same time, teachers have resources for teaching biology that weren’t even dreamed of a generation ago. With the help of Modern Biology, modern biology teachers can give students hands-on experiences of affinity chromatography, amplification of a gene by PCR, DNA sequencing, measurement of enzyme kinetics, and many more, even everything you need for inserting the luciferase gene into E. coli so it glows in the dark.

Modern Biology provides all the test samples, controls, and reagents you need for dozens of experiments. We provide professional-grade materials for professional preparation. In fact, we invented one of the reagents nearly every medical lab in the country uses today. Modern Biology’s reagents are certified safe for student use. There are no toxic chemicals or safety hazards in any of our experiment kits. 

And Modern Biology has designed all of its activities to be exercises in the scientific method, not just demonstrations. Your students will develop and test a hypothesis, taking notes, and writing up their results like the real scientists they will become. All of this comes, of course, with a teacher’s guide and everything you need for testing student learning.

Choosing the right reagents for your biology class experiments isn’t just a matter of answering the question, “Will this work in the lab?” It is also a question of choosing the reagents needed for the experiments that help your students learn the most—within your budget and with a minimum of administrative time.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Apparatus

But no Modern Biology experiment works without certain laboratory basics. You can’t make solutions of specified molarities without scales. You can’t be sure you are conducting an experiment at the right temperature without thermometers. And how can you do PCR without electrophoresis equipment? There are certain pieces of “apparatus” that every teaching lab needs that are also available from Modern Biology.

Here are just a few.


Weighing devices for student use must be accurate, durable, and portable. Our ADAM Equipment Compact Portable Balances are all three. Capable of running on AC current or AA batteries, our balances are lightweight, portable, and designed to be accessible to students with different levels of visual acuity  They have nine weighing units and a dual tare. Once your experiment is done, they are stackable for easy storage.

Electrophoresis Equipment

Students can’t learn the basics of DNA and RNA sequencing without doing electrophoresis. This kind of analysis is an essential skill they will carry with them for future studies in biology.

But students are easily frustrated by electrophoresis results they can’t read. Our myGel InstaView™ Electrophoresis System & Accessories gives your students a way to track bands in real-time during an electrophoresis run. It illuminates the chamber with blue LED light rather than UV light. It works with all swafe stains, including SYBR Green and Soft Glow, and, best of all, everything you and your students need for electrophoresis is right there, in one unit.

Modern Biology provides pan balances, incubators, centrifuges, face shields, and micropipettors, everything you need to cover the basics of the modern, preprofessional biology lab. We offer quality equipment at an affordable price that will help you stay within your budget while you give your students amazing experiences in your biology lab.

Every product from Modern Biology is designed with the objective of creating future scientists. Your students will develop the lab skills they need to succeed in future courses, while you have everything you need for teaching the lab all in one place.

Over 80,000 teachers who teach over 500,000 high school and college students across the United States rely on Modern Biology for their lab supplies

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