If you are a biology teacher at a junior high or high school, if you homeschool your children, or if you are simply a student who is fascinated by biology, you may be looking for some of the best resources to learn more about biology. Fortunately, the Internet has made it easier than ever to find out a lot about biology, including websites that offer very specific information or can even help with experiments. Read on to learn more about some of the best resources that are available for people of all ages to learn about biology.


iBiology is a website that is committed to bringing the world’s best biology to you for free. The website has many different features on it which can be helpful to individuals of all ages, regardless of where they are in their biological journey and understanding. There are many free videos that help to teach you about modern biology. There are many features that help to show and explain how recent scientific discoveries were made. There are also forums where people can interact and ask specific questions and conduct their own research. In many cases, leading biologists chime in with their opinions and perspectives.


Another great website that is a great resource for learning about biology is Microbes.info. This website has a focus on microbiology. If you are looking to learn more about microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, this is definitely the website for you. The site has many resources, including articles that you can use to study or cite information from, images so you can see exactly how microorganisms grow and look under microscopes, and a news section, which provides information on new case studies and experiments. This website is one of the best resources when you need information pertaining to microbiology.

The Biology Project

The Biology Project is a website that is maintained by the University of Arizona. The website is designed to be an interactive online resource to help people of all ages learn about biology. While many of the resources are geared toward biology students who are at a college level, there are some resources that younger individuals, including middle schoolers and high schoolers would find interesting. There are also higher-end pieces of information that can help medical students, teachers, physicians, and science writers. The website has a lot of information, including real-life applications related to biology, up-to-date research findings, and recorded experiments, ensuring students can watch along if they cannot participate in the experiment themselves. One of the features that this website has that most of the others do not is that it also has a careers section. This is a great resource for students who have a love of biology to learn about the various careers available to them in which they can use biology. This can help them find a career path that they may wish to go down in the future.

Allen Institute Resources for Teachers

The Allen Institute Resources for Teachers is a website that is primarily geared toward high school science teachers and college biology instructors. The website provides customizable lesson plans that help to introduce students to some of the most fundamental concepts in biology. These lesson plans also include guided experiments and real research experiences that students can use. This is a great resource because a lot of the lesson plans actually use information from the Allen Institute’s ongoing research projects. This ensures students are learning about biology in real time, as scientists are conducting experiments and research.

Modern Biology

Modern Biology is a website that is dedicated to helping science come to life. The website features all of the equipment that you will need to conduct science and biology experiments in a classroom setting. While the website is primarily geared toward teachers who are teaching large classes, there are also kits that individuals can buy to perform science experiments on their own. In addition to selling the equipment needed for these experiments, the website also provides resources to help you find experiments that you can perform in your class to teach.

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There are many online resources that make learning about biology and teaching biology easier than ever. If you are a teacher who is looking for new ways to teach your students, or you are a student who is looking to learn on your own, these resources can make learning helpful and easy. Here at Modern Biology, Inc., we sell all of the equipment that you will need to conduct science and biology experiments in a classroom setting. Visit our website or contact us today if you need to order science equipment for science experiments.