Whether you teach biology to middle school, high school, or college-level students, performing lab experiments is likely to be an important part of your curriculum. Lab experiments have the ability to stimulate your students’ interest as well as their level of comprehension through exciting hands-on experience. However, choosing the most successful biology topics for lab experiments can sometimes be a challenge for many different reasons. One main reason why it might be such a challenge is that you may not know your students well or what topics they might be most responsive to. Regardless of why you might experience difficulty determining the best biology topics, here is an overview of some of the most popular topics to choose from, courtesy of Modern Biology, Inc.

Nurture a Butterfly from Birth to Adulthood

Butterflies undergo a fascinating metamorphosis from a hatched egg into adulthood, as this beautiful and amazing insect hatches into a caterpillar, before becoming a chrysalis, and finally a butterfly. Each stage is absolutely amazing, and your students, regardless of age, will learn a great deal while thoroughly enjoying the entire process. You definitely want to give your students the pleasure of participating in this particular lab experiment, as it will be a memorable one.

Learn About Flowers Through Dissection

Nothing is more beautiful and captivating than a flower, which is why springtime is a favorite season for many. Instead of dissecting animals, which could be gross for some students, dissecting flowers can be a very pleasing alternative that can allow your students’ love of flowers to flourish even more. Not only will your students learn about the composition of a flower, but they will be able to examine the flowers step-by-step, which will enable them to gain a great deal of knowledge about them and how they grow.

Create a Seed Board

Your students are likely to find distinguishing the differences between various seeds of a multitude of plants very intriguing. There are numerous different seeds that your students can collect and compare in order to determine which seeds are similar, and which aren’t. Each student can choose which seeds they want to add to their board, as well as how they want the seeds positioned.

Examine Your Own Fingerprints

There aren’t many students that wouldn’t find examining their own fingerprints interesting and fun. Since everyone’s fingerprints are unique and unlike another person’s, your students will delight in examining each other’s prints, which will inspire them to learn as much as they can about anything related to their fingerprints.

Create a Habitat Diorama

Not only will your students enjoy choosing an animal to focus on, but they will also enjoy creating a habitat diorama. What exactly is a habitat diorama? A habitat diorama is a 3D model showing the specific details of an animal’s specific habitat. Habitat dioramas can be as detailed or as basic as a student desires. For your students who are extremely creative and artistic, you can expect that their habitat diorama will be so high quality that it might appear like an actual habitat.

By choosing the animal of their choice and then creating the habitat diorama of that animal, your students must conduct an immense amount of research. While they’re conducting research and building the habitat diorama, your students will learn a significant amount, and much of it will be retained, since they must gather some in-depth information in order to create a suitable habitat diorama.

Consume the Model of a Cell

A biology experiment that you can consume? This will almost always cause your students to become very enthusiastic as well as curious about the makeup of a cell. In addition to being curious about the overall makeup of a cell, tasting it will take their curiosity to the next level. What will the texture be like? The taste? The smell? Your students will discover the answers to these questions, and more. You can give the students a choice of different cell models to sample, such as gummy bears, Jell-O, or even lemonade or candy crystals.

Not many students are interested in the outdated biology lab experiments like dissecting worms, fetal pigs, or similar animals. Fortunately, the lab experiment ideas recommended in this article are fresh, contemporary, and extremely exciting. As a result of offering more interesting experiments, your students will be more eager and engaged. So, if you’re looking for additional biology lab experiment ideas or other ways to keep your students engaged, then you should visit Modern Biology, Inc. Modern Biology, Inc. offers an extensive selection of science-related equipment, experiments, and much more, which can dramatically improve your student’s level of engagement, as well as your access to stimulating, new material that will make teaching biology as enjoyable as it should be. Contact us today to order yours!