What is the Effect of Temperature on Enzymatic Reaction?

Modern Biology offers students a hands-on introduction to the role of enzymes in plant development with IND-22: Characterization of Peroxidases in Plants. As with every experiment with Modern Biology, you will find everything you need for each experiment, other than general lab supplies with the complete kits we provide. But how do you introduce this […]

What are the 6 Ways to Identify and Classify Bacteria?

Modern Biology students are expected to grasp the terminology and technology of six common methods of identifying and classifying bacteria. But if you asked your students to take samples and identify some of the bacteria in their everyday world, what would they do? Low-Tech, Low-Cost Ways to Introduce Students to Microbial Identification Our experience with […]

How to Extract DNA from a Strawberry

Every biology student learns about DNA, but a hands-on laboratory exercise in which they extract visible amounts of DNA they can manipulate with glass rods or squish between their fingers makes the lectures about DNA in the classroom memorable and meaningful. Modern Biology, Inc. provides mammalian DNA for formal experiments. Still, strawberries are a readily available and […]

How Does Music Affect Plant Growth?

Music for plants is a real thing. Your students’ grandparents could have been familiar with an album released in 1976 called Plantasia, a collection of music played on a Moog synthesizer specifically for plants to listen to. Your student’s parents could have come across “Brainwave” music for plants. And plant lovers of all ages can find […]

What Are Some Good and Easy Science Fair Projects?

There are a lot of reasons to encourage students to participate in science fairs. Science fairs develop critical thinking skills. Just like Modern Biology, Inc.’s complete experimental kits, science fairs require students to identify a question or a problem, come up with a hypothesis about it, and design an experiment to test their hypothesis. In […]

What Are the Most Important Safety Rules for Your School Science Lab?

Safety rules are essential in every school science lab because they help to prevent accidents and injuries. Working with chemicals and scientific equipment from Modern Biology, Inc. can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Accidents in the science lab can result in serious injuries or even death. Additionally, following safety rules helps to […]

5 Ways to Be a Great Science Teacher

If you teach science in the public schools, chances are that you teach in one of the 40 states that have adopted Next Generation Science Standards. Guiding science curriculum since 2013, these standards emphasize real-world, hands-on experiences over rote recitation of vocabulary and facts. These experiences are intended to engage students with science and engineering […]

How Do You Set Up a School Science Lab?

Modern biology teaching incorporates laboratory experiences for every student. Lab work gives students vital opportunities to develop their skills in scientific method. Learning in the lab trains students to make observations, record them, and then organize and share them. But the success of hands-on education for biology students depends a great deal on how you […]

3 Easy Biology Experiments Related to Plants

If you’re a biology teacher for students K-12 and you’re currently or will soon be focusing on lessons about plants, then you may want to engage your students in some fitting experiments. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing some experiments that pertain to plants. However, if you want to choose the […]

What Are the Best Biology Topics for Lab Experiments?

Whether you teach biology to middle school, high school, or college-level students, performing lab experiments is likely to be an important part of your curriculum. Lab experiments have the ability to stimulate your students’ interest as well as their level of comprehension through exciting hands-on experience. However, choosing the most successful biology topics for lab […]