Walter Products Single-Channel Variable Volume Micropipettes


These variable volume, single channel micropipettes are ergonomic in design and easy to use. They are the perfect manual pipettes for scientists who prefer central pipetting buttons.They provide all of the features required by users working in the life sciences field.  All pipettes are color-coded for easy selection of the right tip, and are compatible to be used by both right and left handed operators. The corrosion-resistant piston and ejector assures its long-lasting life, giving you the peace of mind which you deserve.


  • Large central pipetting button and separate ejection function
  • Corrosion-resistant piston and ejector
  • True one-handed operation for both right and left handed individuals
  • Short stroke of only 12.5mm to reduce the risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • 4-position volume display that is clearly visible
  • Easy calibration technique – can be readjusted without special tools
  • Completely autoclavable at 121ºC for 20min
Product No. Volume Increment Accuracy
WPP1 0.1-1µL 0.001µL ±2%
WPP10 0.5-10µL 0.01µL ±1%
WPP20 2-20µL 0.02µL ±0.8%
WPP50 5-50µL 0.05µL ±0.6%
WPP100 10-100µL 0.1µL ±0.6%
WPP200 20-200µL 0.2µL ±0.6%
WPP1000 100-1000µL 1µL ±0.6%
WPP5000 500-5000µL 5µL ±0.6%
WPP10000 1000-10000µL 10µL ±0.6%

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