EL-100 Electrophoresis Unit


The Walter Products EL-100 Chamber Electrophoresis Unit is a horizontal electrophoresis apparatus designed with convenience and safety in mind. The chamber features transparent UV injections made from thick acrylic, enhancing its durability simultaneously, making it leak-proof. The Walter Products EL-100 Electrophoresis unit comes with a lid that fits securely and is easily removable.

The unit also features recessed electrical wires, adjustable leveling feet, and a safety stop. The safety stop prevents Gel electrophoresis from taking place when the cover is not securely fitted. Each EL-100 casting tray has an embossed gel ruler, rubber cap endings, and several slots to ensure versatile and easy comb placement.

The casting trays are also etched with negative/positive signs at each end and a frosted strip that matches the unit to ensure correct placement. The cover must be placed correctly in the electrophoresis unit, or it will not fit, and the unit will not function. The unit is easy to use and requires a power supply and 500ml of buffer.

Features of Walter Products EL-100 1 Chamber Electrophoresis Unit

  • It comes with corrosion-resistant platinum wires
  • The electrophoresis unit can run up to 16 samples per gel
  • The unit is injection-molded with a 7cm x 14cm UV transparent cover
  • It comes with six tooth combs
  • Features 7x14cm Casting tray with embossed gel ruler & rubber end caps
  • The chamber has two knobs at both of its ends that extend through the cover to ease the removal of the lid
  • Its electrodes are locked together to prevent incorrect placement at the power supply end

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