If you expect to grab the attention of your students so they can become enthusiastic about learning biology, then you need to make it interesting. If you find that your students are distracted, disinterested, and bored while you’re teaching class, then you obviously need to make some changes, and fast. Once you’re able to capture the attention and the interest of your students, regardless of grade levels, they will be anxious to get to your class and see what you’ll be teaching next. 

What Strategies Can Be Used in Teaching Biology?

There are numerous strategies that can be used in teaching biology, but if your intent is to make it as fun as possible, then there are some great ways to do so. First of all, you need to incorporate a variety of materials to support your teaching. You can’t expect to maintain the interest of your students if you insist on lecturing the class on a daily basis. However, if you use videos, interactive apps, field trips and hands-on experiments in your teachings, then your students will show a lot more interest. You will also increase their chances of retaining what you’re teaching.

Another great teaching strategy for use in biology is to promote discussion among your students. If you come up with interesting topics and ask your students questions and for their opinions about the lessons, they will likely respond favorably. Students enjoy sharing their opinions, and it can make learning more fun than simply taking notes as you drone on about atoms. 

A third teaching strategy that you should incorporate into your biology class is creating some fun and interactive experiments for your students to participate in. Nothing is more fun than actually participating in something hands-on. If you come up with regular experiments, your students will look forward to coming to biology class, and you will soon see them thriving.

What Are Some Good Science Projects for 7th Graders?

If you teach seventh graders and you’re trying to come up with some fun and interesting science projects to assign them, then there are many to choose from. One good choice is a project demonstrating the length of time it takes painkillers to dissolve in the body. This project is simple, fun, and can teach your students a great deal about how painkillers work as well as which ones work the fastest. 

Another great science project to assign to your seventh-grade class is making eggs explode. What seventh grader wouldn’t love conducting a science project that actually explodes? This project teaches students about chemical reactions, which they are guaranteed to find interesting and extremely fun.

A third science project that would be fun and appropriate for seventh graders is designing a solar oven. Your students will have fun using household items to build a real, working solar oven. 

Best Biology Experiments for High School

When it comes to high school students, you will need to come up with some experiments that will hold the interest of older learners. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from, so there should never be a shortage of ideas. One biology experiment that might be especially fun and informative for high school-age students is extracting DNA from a strawberry. By enabling your students to actually extract DNA from this popular fruit, it will not only expand their learning, but it can also help them to understand how DNA analysis works. It will definitely be memorable for your students, and it could even spark an interest in pursuing a career in biology.

High school students might also enjoy making plants move with light. Again, actually conducting a hands-on analysis of this phenomenon can make understanding it a great deal easier as well as fun. You can instruct students to work as a team or individually. Either way, they are likely to enjoy this biological experiment immensely. 

Yet another experiment that high school students might like participating in is testing the five-second rule. Many people go by this rule and will quickly pick up a dropped piece of food and eat it. Students will find out if this is accurate or not, or if they need to throw away food that has fallen on a contaminated surface. 

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